Looking for Australia's finest Barramundi? Look no further than Infinity Blue

Infinity Blue Barramundi

‘Infinity Blue’ is the brand name for MainStream’s table-fish Barramundi, supplying premium live and chilled fish to food service and retail markets.

Grown in pristine water conditions our Barramundi is a delicious fish with firm, white succulent flesh; the result of passionately combining all-natural ingredients, gentle fish handling practices and a deep understanding of Barramundi.

At Infinity Blue, we believe in reliability and consistency of supply, positive and supportive relationships with our customers, and most importantly, brilliant tasting high quality Barramundi.

We are so proud to be delivering fresh, premium white fish to the Australian and U.S.A domestic markets and international export markets.

Why is Infinity Blue better?

  • Our rapid distribution channels mean that we can have Sashimi grade fish from farm to plate within hours.
  • Our gentle harvesting process treats the fish with care and ensures no bruising or stress.
  • Harvesting every week of the year provides customers with reliable freshness and quality.
  • By gently harvesting and dispatching within hours, we ensure ultimate freshness.
  • Grown in highly oxygenated salt water, we raise highly consistent fish with firm white succulent flesh and mild flavour.
Barramundi dish
Chef cooking Barramundi