The largest supplier of Barramundi fingerlings in the world

High-performance fingerlings

Fingerling larvae

MainStream Aquaculture is the largest supplier of Barramundi fingerlings in the world and proudly distributes high quality fingerlings to Barramundi producers in 31 countries across 5 continents.

Commissioned in 2007, Mainstream Hatcheries have had an unprecedented 150+ consecutive successful spawns. Mainstream fish grow faster, demonstrate lower deformity rates, are more robust, have lower size variation, and have higher fillet yields – resulting in our customers being the most profitable in the industry.

Selective breeding program

Our aim is to create the world’s best Barramundi by improving the genetics that underpin biological productivity (fish performance in aquaculture) and high value market traits (consumer product preferences).  There is a clear imperative for this; all modern industrialised agriculture sectors are supported by selective breeding programs incorporating genetic selection and stock improvement methodologies.

MainStream operates an advanced selective breeding program and remains focused on continued stock improvement. Our selective breeding goals include enhancing growth rates with improved feed conversion ratios, reducing growth distribution, increasing fillet yield, improving disease resistance, optimising omega-3 and improved colouration.

We have been running this hatchery for seven years and we have never missed a spawn…. That is an achievement that no other hatchery in the world is capable of doing.

Adzlan, Hatchery Manager

Man scooping baby fish out of tank

Why our fingerlings are in demand


Ultra high

Selected and grown to sexual maturity 400+ ultra high performance individuals that are now contributing to the breeding nucleus


Achieved approximately 30% growth improvement through selective breeding.


Ability to create over 1000 pairing combinations (families) from which commercially favoured traits can be selected.


Selected and grown to sexual maturity 200+ Golden Barramundi.

The ideal fish

Barramundi are the preferred species for aquaculture due to their natural schooling behavior, adaptability to a wide range of rearing conditions, rapid growth rate, high fillet yield, and medium to high value in the marketplace.

Barramundi have been reared in ocean cages in Malaysia, pond systems in the United States of America, and recirculating aquaculture systems in Sweden. Their ability to adapt to nearly any salinity, high stocking densities, and general hardiness have enabled their successful culture across the globe.

I look after the fingerlings as my kids. I provide good nutrition to provide the best quality, high survival rates.

Alpa, Hatchery Manager

Through significant investment in genetic selection and hatchery infrastructure, competitive pricing, and comprehensive customer support, MainStream Aquaculture has become the largest Barramundi fingerling producer in the world.

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