Dr Paul Harrison discusses the health of our oceans on the Monash Tech School Podcast

Host Loren Botica of the Monash Tech School podcast interviews Doctor Paul Harrison, Marine biologist, Chief scientist and co-founder of MainStream Aquaculture, along with Professor Richard Reina and Sue Graham on the health of our oceans.

They cover the ever changing health of the ocean, how this diagnosis affects our lives and how technology can help revive these great expanses of water.  According to Professor Reina, “change is always happening, but it is the rate of change that is the most significant and worrying factor”.

Mainstream Aquaculture is committed to slowing this change and damage in the oceans, allowing expansive ecosystems to regenerate. Beginning his interview at the 40 minute mark on the podcast, Doctor Harrison details the positive impacts that aquaculture can have on oceans and wild fish stocks. He states that MainStream Aquaculture’s mission is to feed the world with high quality fish and supply it in an environmentally sustainable way.

The efficiencies and benefits of aquaculture on the natural environment were also listed by Dr. Harrison. In particular, “the main advantage is that it takes a lot of pressure off wild fisheries. Aquaculture allows us to provide fish as food without stripping the oceans bare”.

Dr. Harrison goes on to add that “There is a lot we need to do to make the ocean better. Population growth has gone far enough along that we may never get back to what it was when there were less people around. But the ocean can still be a great and healthy environment” .

To listen to the full discussion, the podcast can be accessed via Spotify or on a web browser.