Food Safety and Quality

Mainstream has implemented a systematic control system through its business and is focused on integrating key aspects of quality control and environmental management with health and food safety standards.  It is the responsibility of every employee at Mainstream to follow these critical work processes.  This ensures our products consistently meet food safety standards and exceed customer expectations.

Mainstream produces food products in a reliable, efficient, safe and environmentally sustainable manner.  We have a zero tolerance policy surrounding food safety and quality.  Senior management personally commit to:

  • Enforcing food safety and quality procedures to ensure common awareness and understanding of the procedures and objectives throughout the company.
  • Mobilise the resources and personnel required to implement and maintain an effective system for food safety and quality.
  • Define the organisational reporting structure and communication pathways around these issues.
  • Provide authority with delegated responsibility.

The responsibility for safe food rests with each and every member of Mainstream Aquaculture.  It is through an enduring commitment to food safety and quality in everything we do that we continue to achieve Mainstream Aquaculture’s exacting standards.