Water Quality

A fish is only as good as the water it lives in.

At the core of Mainstream’s Victorian business is one of the most extraordinary and pristine water sources anywhere in the world.  Located several hundred metres below ground in the surrounds of Melbourne, Australia, this geothermal water source supplies Mainstream with pristine water that is naturally heated to Barramundi’s preferred temperature of 28 degrees Celsius.  This water is estimated to have rained in the outskirts of Melbourne over 1,000 years ago.  The chemical nature of this geothermal water is ideally matched to Barramundi.

While in Far North Queensland, water is drawn from the fully tidal Moresby River which is situated in one of Australia’s most beautiful locations, between a lush rainforest and the magnificent Great Barrier Reef.

Within the culture environment, water quality management is essential to fish health and quality.  Mainstream is committed to sound environmental practice and has worked intensively to better understand the hydrodynamic profile of our sites along with the organic outputs from its farming operations.  Mainstream is actively involved in research and development around water treatment, recovery and re-use.