Linda Phillips

Linda has previously worked as a research assistant in the Sugar Industry in Tully and Bundaberg, examining crop rotations and pest management strategies. On her return to Tropical North Queensland, she was involved in research into Banana pathogens and Papaya Breeding at the Department of Primary Industries, Innisfail. Once in the family way, Linda became involved in the administration of the family’s banana, papaya and aquaculture businesses. During almost 22 years of involvement in these enterprises, she has upskilled in the areas of administration, bookkeeping, budgeting, working with consultants and Government departments, and understanding the principles of a ‘whole’ business. Linda is keen to continue assisting with the business merger and the ongoing success of the business through her Office Manager role. She is also looking forward to reducing to a part-time position, to enable her to spend more time volunteering in the local community, and taking time out for herself and catching up with friends.

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