Our History

2001Mainstream Aquaculture founded
2003Mainstream discovered a pristine geothermal water source near Melbourne, Australia, and purchased a property with access to this resource.
2004Mainstream’s original facility was constructed and commissioned.
2004The first batch of Barramundi was sold into the domestic live fish market.
2005Mainstream operating at full capacity.
2005Production techniques developed for both Murray Cod and Golden Perch as alternative aquaculture species.
2006Output increased by 20% through plant efficiency improvements and a decision to focus on Barramundi as a single food fish species.
2006Mainstream celebrates its 5 year anniversary with record sales volumes and production.
2007A Townsville, Queensland, based hatchery was developed with the necessary infrastructure to produce over 5 million Barramundi fingerlings per year.
2007Mainstream quadrupled the size of its food fish operations, becoming the largest recirculating aquaculture enterprise in mainland Australia.
2008Mainstream executed its first sale into the domestic chilled distribution channel and sold its first premium salt water product.
2008Mainstream Aquaculture wins Wyndham City Business of the Year award in the agribusiness category.
2009Mainstream starts work on a strain of Golden Barramundi.
2010Mainstream commenced collaboration agreement on stock domestication and selective breeding with geneticists at James Cook University, Queensland.
2011Mainstream marks its 10 year anniversary with record sales volumes and production.
2011The first trial of Smoked Barramundi products took place.
2012Mainstream established a breeding population of Golden Barramundi.
2012Mainstream commenced development of a Melbourne, Australia, based hatchery designed to produce in excess of 20 million commercial grade Barramundi fingerlings per year and to support the acceleration of its selective breeding program.
2013Mainstream secured Federal Government funding, announced by the Prime Minister of Australia, to support its business building strategy.
2013Mainstream commissioned the world’s largest Barramundi hatchery.
2014Mainstream Aquaculture wins Wyndham City Business of the Year award in the manufacturing category and secured the overall Business of the Year award.
2014Mainstream successfully spawns Golden Barramundi.
2014Mainstream becomes the largest supplier of Barramundi fingerlings in the world, exporting into its 17th country and 5th continent.